Saturday, October 31, 2015

Antique Show Creepshow 2: The Creepening

And now... This.

Hey, everybody! Into the car! We're going to an antique show!

Seriously, GET IN.

Can you bring a friend along? Sure, bring a friend!

You'd rather ride your bike? Fine. We'll meet you there.

Oh, your magic bicycle. Sure. As long as it gets you there.

Just watch out for pedestrians!

And try not to get caught up in any tomfoolery.

Say... Christmas is right around the corner, and the Antique Show is a great place to find gifts for everyone on your list!

Great-Grandma will be all over this picture of someone she probably went to school with....

Dad'll just love this Cycling Daddy... or perhaps the alcohol-guzzling ship's captain?

Smoking Grandpas are sure to be a hit with the elderly....

Are there any infants on your shopping list? Do they have appendages? Great!

Maybe pick up a little something for your Disney-lovin' cousin....?

... that IS Mickey, isn't it?

And don't forget your worst enemy....

I hope you found some great deals! Only 55 days till Christmas. Have you been naughty or nice so far this year?

Remember, he's watching.

*Santa photo by Heather M.


Amy O. said...

Wow, that baby hand & foot is really unnerving. Also, please tell me the Barbie Ferrari is NOT an antique?! We owned that, brand new...

molly said...

@Amy - And I had that Ken doll! Yeah, the definition of "antique" is pretty loose, it seems. Pretty much anything that isn't currently being made is fair game at the shows/shops I visit. I see 90's toys regularly.