Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Magic Has Landed...

The cruise has ended and I am back on dry land, and guess what? I'm actually pretty bummed about  that. Surprise! Aside from the days I felt dizzy, I had a pleasant time. It was really relaxing and fun, and I met some great people, tried new foods, and participated in all sorts of crazy activities. I'll post a few pictures below, and promise to put together a detailed trip report with 100 photos (at least) when I'm back in Oregon, in front of my laptop.

SO. Remember before this trip began and I was talking about the things I wanted to do? Well, I knew I'd have to be flexible and that I couldn't do everything. One thing that did change is that I decided not to stay 2 nights in Miami after all. In changing the dates on my train ticket (Miami-Washington) I also opted to save some money and get a regular seat instead of a sleeping compartment.

I don't regret bypassing Miami, but I AM sorry to have missed out on that private compartment, especially considering the people I had to share a train car with last night. We had...

*Old guy who kept getting phone calls that he'd let ring 4 or 5 times, and then answer with, "Hello???" as if his phone didn't have caller ID. Or perhaps he had given out his # to random lunatics.

*Lady who sprayed Bath & Body Works' Vanilla Sugar spray at least 5 times. It sounds delicious, but it is most certainly not.

*Ladies who spent half an hour discussing the differences in taste re: possums, raccoons, and other specimen.

*Seat kickers.

*Amtrak announcers who believe they need to repeat everything four times. "We're coming upon our next stop, Jacksonville. I repeat, we are about to pull into our next stop, Jacksonville. That's Jacksonville, ladies and gentlemen. Does this PA make me sound cool, guys? Jacksonville Jacksonville Malkovich."

Annnyway, I did enjoy some of the views of Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. Sorry to say I slept through Georgia and the other Carolina. I saw ducklings, cranes, and what I thought was a lizard, but was told by possum lady that it was an iguana.

And now I'm just outside of D.C., ready and waiting in case the President needs saving.

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