Sunday, March 31, 2013

Where Are They Now: Minor Made-for-TV-Movie Actors Edition

When I think of all the made-for-TV movies I enjoyed as a kid, it saddens me that so many of the actors have slipped into the depths of obscurity. 

Or have they?

Maybe they've gone on to do great things, just... not in front of the camera. 

Perhaps they've earned university degrees... become directors... raised happy families... or have worked toward solving social problems.

Or maybe they're all dead.


Here are ten actors from TV-movies from my childhood or youth who I'm curious about.

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1. Schuyler Grant

Known For: Playing Diana Barry in Anne Of Green Gables (1985), Anne Of Green Gables The Sequel (1987), and... that other one. She was originally up for the role of Anne, but was demoted to Diana when the producers decided that the actress playing Anne ought to be Canadian.

Schuyler Then:

Schuyler More Recently:

Yep, she's blonde. And a yoga instructor! It looks as though Schuyler hasn't done much acting besides Anne, save for an episode of Law & Order, a movie I've never heard of, and a brief stint on All My Children. She married in 1995 and has two children. 

- - - - - - - - - - -

2. Barret Oliver

Known For: Among other things, playing Dickon in The Secret Garden (1987). You also may remember him from D.A.R.Y.L. and The Neverending Story. His last film came out in 1989.

Barret Then:

Barret More Recently:

Uh, nope, sorry, not going to show you the photo I found on Google where -- if that IS indeed him -- he's rocking a hobo beard, and is crushing my childhood... crush. NOPE. WILL NOT ALLOW IT. 

Oh but wait, there's more....

According to Wikipedia: In his teens Oliver left acting to join the Church of Scientology's Sea Org and was stationed at its Gold Base compound.[4] As is common practice among teenagers in the Sea Org, he married a fellow Scientologist at age 19.[5][6] He has since divorced.[7] Later Oliver became a printer and photographer specializing in nineteenth century processes such as collodion and Woodburytype. His work has been displayed in museum and gallery exhibitions and used in films. In 2007 he published A History of the Woodburytype.[8]

Tears. Cold, brutal tears. MOVING ON....

- - - - - - - - - - -

3. Sophie Wilcox

Known For: Playing Lucy in the old-school Narnia series (1988-1989)

Sophie Then:

Sophie More Recently:

After Narnia, Sophie seemed to take a break from acting, returning for a brief stint in several 90's projects... then another hiatus... and finally a role in a 2011 film called Gangster Kittens.

Sorry, not those kind of kittens.

- - - - - - - - - - -

4. Whip Hubley

Known For: His role as Lancelot in the Keshia Knight-Pulliam version of A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1989). He also appeared in Top Gun and St. Elmo's Fire.

Whip Then:

Whip More Recently:

Now in his 50's, Whip is still acting. Over the years he's guest-starred on shows like Profiler, The Division, Charmed, The District, and he has a movie coming out this year called Drones. He is married and has three children.

- - - - - - - - - - -

 6. Lisa Jakub

Known For: Playing the daughter in the 1996 TV-movie Bermuda Triangle. She also played Robin Williams's daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire and appeared in Independence Day.

Lisa Then:

Lisa Now:

Well, check out her website (there's a photo of her there!) According to the site, she is now married, a writer, and enjoys traveling and yoga -- and acting, for her, is a thing of the distant past.

- - - - - - - - - - -

7. Ciarán McMenamin

Known For: Playing the adult David Copperfield in the 1999 BBC production of, um, David Copperfield.

Ciarán Then:

Ciarán Now:

In 2011, he got the lead role in the fifth season/series of the British TV show Primeval. He has also made a few feature films in recent years, but does not seem to have forgotten his TV-movie respect -- having made half a dozen since Copperfield. Nice, nice....

- - - - - - - - - - -

8. Jodelle Ferland

Known For: Her portrayal of a young girl who's lost her father in Mermaid (2000). She also played Hollis in Pictures Of Hollis Woods (2007).

Jodelle Then:

Jodelle More Recently:

From a role in the Twilight saga to the voice of Aggie in Paranorman to somewhere around a dozen movies in the last two years alone, yes -- this girl's still acting. She turned 18 in October.

- - - - - - - - - - -

9. Tasha Scott

Known For: Playing Jennifer, Candace Cameron's cabinmate in the crazypalooza Camp Cucamonga (1990). She also appeared in the legendary Troop Beverly Hills and guest-starred on Full House and Quantum Leap (which lended her some actual cred.)

Tasha Then:

Tasha Now:

A singer (who once competed on Star Search), Tasha has recorded several R&B songs in recent years.

- - - - - - - - - - -

10. Ryan Merriman

Known For: Being a TV-movie-starring fiend in movies like Everything That Rises (1998), Smart House (1999), The Luck of The Irish (2001), and A Ring Of Endless Light (2002) (and yes, I've seen them all). He also played "Young Jarod" on the TV series The Pretender and I had a huge crush on him, but felt awkward about it because he was -- gasp -- 3 years younger than me!

Ryan Then:

Ryan Now:


Still acting, Ryan has seven (7!) movies coming out in 2013. He married at age 21, but is now divorced. He remains attractive.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that's Barret. There's a film he made and is in on You Tube called In the Usual Manner which shows him and his photography. He had dreadlocks down to his calves (maybe longer since he ties his hair back.) His beard is massive, too. You can hardly tell it's him (but maybe that's the point.) I wonder why he went that way since it's definitely very unconventional and he's not a very old man, either. He's only about what, 39, 40? I think the weight of his hair didn't do his hairline any favors. There's a lovely audio track of him talking about photography and his voice is just as lovely as ever. It's sad because I had such a huge crush on him when I was young. We're about the same age. I feel so bad that Scientology did what it did to him.

Anonymous said...

Audio is here, there are 5.

The movie:

He seems a very interesting person and listening to him talk he seems normal enough. I have no idea what Scientology teaches or what he's like as a person or what he believes, but his art is interesting and he's keeping history alive which I always appreciate. I love that he is continuing an almost "ancient" technique as I feel those things should never be lost.

molly said...

Thanks for sending those links -- I watched the video and listened to his commentaries. Cool stuff. I agree, his voice is still lovely. Glad to know he's pursuing a passion -- an artistic one at that. It sounds like he's been at it for a long while. Glad he seems happy.:)