Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brick Critique: Springtime Scene

Springtime Scene

Hey, northern hemispherians -- it's that time of the year again! Oh yes, that wily hog o' the ground saw his fuzzy little shadow, and THAT means springtime is nigh. We're talking two weeks from now nigh. But just in case you can't wait two weeks to dive into the glories of the season (read: mowing the lawn and popping allergy pills), there's Lego's all-new SPRINGTIME SCENE to please you. This bag has eighty-eight blissful pieces of plastic just waiting for assemblage. 

But what, according to Lego, is Springtime all about? Judging by this set, I'd guess it to be about two things: romance... and cherry trees. And I do dig that cherry tree, even if I think it's a little early in the season for the fruit to be ready. Hey, maybe things work differently in Legoland. CHERRIES FOR ALL!!!

 Then there's our happy couple. Those minifigs' outfits have appeared in quite a few other Lego sets over the past several years, meaning these two aren't fashion conscious, perhaps... but we'll forgive them. They appear to be holding hands... at least, as well as two minifigs CAN hold hands (which isn't well.) And they've got flowers around them. Definitely springish. And hey, a frog. 

But you know... when I think of Spring, I think of baby animals. This set has NO baby animals! That frog's not a baby, and unless there's a missus hiding behind the fountain, I don't have much hope for Frog: Generation 2, here. A few years ago I wouldn't expect to see any animals in the set, but nowadays Lego makes birds, rabbits, and all manner of cats, so why are there none of those here, and more importantly, why aren't they mating, and even MORE importantly, why aren't there any bears coming out of hibernation, ready for a meal? That'd show em! Sitting in the park all calmly and serenely... just you wait, Lego people!

Wow this just sort of took a dark turn...

Springtime Scene currently retails for $7.99.

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