Monday, March 4, 2013

Portland Comic Con!!

The weekend before last, I decided to check out the first-ever Portland Comic (Wizard) Con. For years Portland has had comic book shows, but those are humble little affairs where they may get a handful of comic book artists, and maybe a D-List actor if it's a good year. Wizard Con was something entirely else. It was a gathering of all good things related to... well, pretty much everything remotely geek. Video games, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, television, movies, superheroes, retro cartoons, action figures, I don't even know. And it was HUGE. Thousands upon thousands of Portlanders crammed into the Convention Center. I don't know how.

But if we're being completely honest, my friend Jenn and I had but one purpose for showing up. And that was this:

Dean Cain, who we may or may not have (read: may have) been crushing on since our early teens.

Now, I wouldn't have minded meeting Drusilla, er, Juliet Landau, but she had to cancel a few weeks beforehand. And Bruce Campbell is awesome, buuut I've met him before -- and his line was insane. James Marsters -- sure, he's cool. But Wizard Con is very much a for-profit enterprise. If you want to get up close to any of the celebs, you have to pay for an autograph ($40 and up per celeb), a Polaroid photo (about the same), or a professional photo ($50 and up). That's even to just go up and talk to them!

Thanks to Jenn, who wanted both an autograph and a photo, we got to talk to Dean Cain!

 AND we got to get a photo with him in which he put his arms around us! ::SIGH::

 And then he did a Q&A panel, in which I asked a question, and he answered it, and he totally looked right at me like omg.


Suffice it to say, we had an EXCELLENT time, and were so happy and excited. The following weekend, we had a Lois & Clark marathon and squee-ed some more. So, you know, good times.

Of course, since the Portland Wizard Con was exactly one week before the Emerald City Comic Con, and there was no way I could do two cons in a row like that, I missed out on my chance to meet Prince Humperdinck, Miss Havisham, Christopher Lloyd and Patrick StewarON THE OTHER HAND MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE GONE.... okay, now I'm depressed. 

Okay, all better now. :-D

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