Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lego Projects:"Fun House" (2012) & "Fun House 2.0" (2013)

In 2012, I decided to build a Lego fun house to take to BrickCon. It was going to be colorful and zany and would even have moving parts, by gum! 

So I did. And this was it.  (Pardon the crappy cellphone photos.)

I rigged up the motor and the technic elements so that the wheels on the side of the house would spin, and the duck would go round & round on top. I had wanted the "Fun House" sign to also bob up and down, but at the time, I couldn't figure out how to make that work.

I was proud of my colorful creation, and I took the fun house to BrickCon. But I made a mistake. Not a big one, but a mistake nonetheless. There was another Fun House at BrickCon, 2012. And when placing my Fun House, I saw the other one, and thought, "Oh, hey, they should go together!" because, I don't know, fun houses of a feather or something.

Little did I know, that other Fun House had even more mechanical bells and whistles and moving parts and was four times as cool as mine. Even in size it dwarfed mine considerably. Awkward!

Oh well! I was still proud of my little fun house.

Still, I felt I could do better. So five months later, for Bricks Cascade, 2013, I gave it an overhaul:

... and renamed it (Fun House 2.0, of course.) It was bigger, zanier, and more colorful, with more things going on inside (but fewer moving parts outside.)

Meanwhile, the duck graduated to the roof.

And I made sure that this time, it wasn't next to any other fun houses at that con. (Actually, I don't think there were any other fun houses that year.) Nay, I placed it between a haunted house (asylum?) and an Indiana Jones temple (also one of my MOCs.) Because... DIFFERENT!

Here's a video.

 Sadly, both versions of the Fun House have now been dismantled, their parts put to other uses and projects.

Maybe someday I'll make another one.

Fun House 3.0.


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