Tuesday, December 31, 2013

TV Shows I Watched This Year (2013)

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Pan Am on DVD
Even though this made my list 2 years ago (when the short-lived series was on the air) it was only this year that I got to go back and watch all the episodes on DVD. It really was a well-written show, and the era (early 60s) was a treat to visit. I'll add it to my list of series that ended too soon (which is topped by Wonderfalls, which, now that I think about it, is due to be re-watched. Yeees.)

Felicity (season 1) on DVD
Fun fact: Felicity was my age. She graduated high school and started college the same year I did. Yet she always seemed much older than me, and I could not relate, so I rarely watched the series when it was on the air. Fast-forward fifteen years, and I still don't feel I can relate to this girl. She's just so... I don't know. Such an old soul. Meanwhile, the series can be pretty... heavy. And certain elements have not aged well. But I may just stick with it.

Tiny Toon Adventures on DVD
Some shows from my childhood are still enjoyable to me today. This, however, doesn't seem to be one of them. :(

Love It Or List It (random episodes) on OnDemand
My cousin turned me on to this show, which is half a realty/house-hunting show and half a remodeling show. The best of both! A family who is unhappy with their current dwelling for some reason, usually having to do with the arrangement of the space, safety issues, or the fact that it just really needs an update, give an interior designer X amount of money to make their house awesome (usually said amount of money is only enough to make it sort of awesome.) Meanwhile, a realtor shows the folks some nearby houses that already may suit their needs and desires. In the end, will they choose to stay in their sort-of-awesome house, or move to one of the new ones? Yay hard decisions!

Call The Midwife, Series 2 (2013 in the USA) on PBS
Still a great show! In fact, on Sunday night, 12/29, they aired an all-new Christmas special, which I found out about, um, 5 minutes in. But hey, I saw most of it! There were lots of changes in series 2. Spoiler alert: Chummy had a baby! Sister whatsherface is no longer a nun! And she likes Doctor whatshisname! I jest; I really do adore this show.

Community, Season 4 on NBC
Poor Community has been bounced around so many times by NBC it's amazing it's still on the air. Season 4, which was supposed to debut in September, 2012, didn't begin until well into 2013, and because they had not planned it to air so, we experienced the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episodes in the wrong time of year. Oh well. Many fans were disappointed with season 4. For me, it was hit and miss. There were some dumb episodes, but there were some good ones, too. Season 5 premieres JANUARY 2 and I'm so excited!

Last Tango In Halifax on PBS
I had to add this one after I originally published this post, because somehow I totally forgot about it! (For shame.) This very touching, somewhat soapy but mostly lovable British show was about two older people who knew each other as youths and reconnected decades later via Facebook -- and fell in love. Before long, they were engaged, and as the series unfolded, we learned more about them, their past, and their respective families (each has a daughter whose life is falling to pieces.) Toward the end of the first series, things got pretty sad, but I've heard the show will return for a second series, and maybe everything will turn out okay? It had better!

Downton Abbey, Series 3 on PBS
Someone recently asked me if I was planning watch DA Series 4 when it airs here next month and I said no, I'm done with this show. They asked me if the last straw was when (uh, spoiler alert?) Matthew died, and I said, No, I've disliked the show ever since Matthew bounded up out of his wheelchair somewhat miraculously. And that was back in series 2! I don't know why I watched 3. But hey, I did, and now I'm done. Honest. (Please refer back to this post in 2 months when I will proceed to eat my words. Thank you.)

Merlin, Season 1 & 2 on DVD
I have not grown tired of this show, which I started Netflixing last year. It's so funny, and I love the medieval elements. Still hate Arthur's dad, Uther, but they've given him fewer storylines lately, so whatever. I know he'll die someday (I'M SORRY, BUT HE'S AWFUL!) Merlin continues to learn new magic and try to keep it hidden. The chemistry between Arthur and Merlin is hilarious. Yes, the show is still super ridiculous, but I love it anyway.

Other shows I watched, Sometimes: Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, American Pickers, Auction Kings, Auction Hunters, Antiques Roadshow, Property Wars, Survivor, America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 (I know, I know...)

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