Saturday, October 26, 2013

Brick Critique: "Thanksgiving Feast"

Just in time for the Thanksgiving (unless you live in Canada...), here's Lego's new polybag set Thanksgiving FeastLet's take a look.

Says "Create a Thanksgiving Feast with a Lego(R) brick-built table, tons of food and drink accessories, 2 minifigs and 2 cats!"

2 cats.

As a cat person, I smell trouble, here.

Yes... in the real world, those cats would have carted off that turkey within three seconds. 

In Legoland, they seem more interested in the keg. Maybe there's a mouse hiding under it?

Wait, why is there a keg? Is that at traditional thing that my family purposely leaves out of holiday celebrations? I see there are also wine bottles on the table. Well, well, well....

In all seriousness, this is a pretty cool set. The food items -- full turkey, sausages, pie, carrot, and baguette -- are rarely all found together like this, and not often even found individually. The cats are okay; Lego has recently made more detailed ones, but hey. What the set does lack is A) Chairs for the table and B) Elderly and/or tiny relatives. But I do know how to remedy that.

Thanksgiving Feast retails for $7.99. Delicious, tempting smells (and Tryptophan hangover) not included.

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