Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh, just people wearing wizard hats, move along, nothing to see here: Harry Potter Con, Day 1

Day 1 Of The Harry Potter convention (Leakycon 2013)...

At the Convention Center, appropriately

I pick up my name badge and swag bag

It contains stuff

This place is pretty crowded.

Some of these people are buying Butterbeer.

I do not buy Butterbeer. I buy pins!

Snape is here.

 And here...

Time for a Wizard show!

 Yay I can almost see the stage!

 A musical has broken out. It includes Frodo, Samwise, Belle, Dr. Who, and oh my god it's Loki. My night is ruined.

Back at the vendor hall...


Is it weird that I don't want a wand unless it can actually do stuff? Like accio people for me?

Well, pretty tired now. More con tomorrow....

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