Sunday, June 30, 2013

In which I encounter Bing Lee giving a piggyback ride to Peeves... and then some: Harry Potter Con, Day 4

Today, Day 4 of the Harry Potter convention, was the shortest -- and, perhaps, the strangest.

I hadn't been in the convention center two minutes when I encountered three of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries cast members. They were taking pictures with people out in the hallway. I watched them for a minute, then gathered up the courage to go for a pic. So here is a picture of me with -- never thought I'd say this -- George Wickham, Lydia Bennet, and Bing Lee (Mr. Bingley). HOW CUTE ARE THEY?

Then I went to the vendor exhibit hall for a while, bought a couple more buttons (Snape & the Hufflepuff badger.. add those to my Luna and Ginny ones and I can now represent each Hogwarts House!), and then headed upstairs to listen in on a panel about video games.

Unfortunately, the panel before it ran late, and then the poor guy leading this one had technical difficulties with his presentation. There was some problem with the Wifi at the convention center, and at one point his -- I think it was a Playstation -- wanted to do an update, and it was sooo slow. The update stayed on 0% for quite a while. When it hit 1%, people cheered and clapped. Same when it hit 2%. At 3% I left and went back to the vendor hall. :(

And wow am I glad I did. When I walked in the hall, I saw even more Lizzie cast members gathering for pictures! All my nerve was now gone, though, so I didn't get IN any of the pix, just took some...

Darcy, Lizzie, random fan, Mr. Collins, and Georgiana. Side note: Darcy is totally handsomer in person than in the videos.

Jane was off to the side, by herself, posing for photos....

(I do realize these actors have actually names, which you can find here.)

THEN... In walked Seamus Finnegan!

 (Guy in white/black polo shirt)

And while I was trying to get a photo of him (it was hard, since he had a crowd around him) I spotted Bing Lee giving Peeves the Poltergeist (or at least a kid who'd spent the weekend dressed as him) a piggyback ride around the venue, and they were pranking people and stuff. So while trying to get a shot of them...

... I managed to, unknowingly, get a picture of Young Lily Potter.

(Purple shirt, with the doe patronus and the word "Always." Side note: AWWW.)

I feel bad now because I didn't even see her at the time. But hey, my powers of observation can only do so much!

The hall closed at 2, and we were all supposed to go to the the big auditorium for the closing ceremonies. 

Which were... not what I expected.

I guess I was expecting to see a video recap of the weekend or at least a slideshow, but nay... instead we were treated/subjected to a live webcast where people sat on stage and discussed Harry Potter and themselves and occasionally took questions from the audience for two hours.

One bit of amusement occurred when they announced which couple the con-goers had voted on to "get married" at Leakycon. The fans had chosen Lupin and Sirius. Sirius was wearing his Azkaban clothes, but was bald. They were married by Dumbledore, who introduced the process by going: "Mawidge... is what bwings us togetha today...."

A lot of the audience burst into cheers, though not the man and woman two rows ahead of me who looked at each other and shrugged, then got up and left during the wedding itself. 

Wuv. Twu wuv. (I thought Lupin was married to Tonks? Oh well!)

And then we got that webcast, which I thought would never end. I probably didn't enjoy it that much because I wasn't familiar with the cast. But I did end up walking out early, so maybe I missed the part where it got awesome. AGAIN, OH WELL.


Overall, was the con worth it?


I didn't have the best time I've ever had in my life or anything. Maybe because I get super reserved when I don't know anyone and none of my friends apparently wanted to go, or could afford to go, and I was a little bit lonely. 

But I did really enjoy the panels, especially:

*Snape's Q&A sessions
*The Pride & Prejudice/HP discussion
*Getting to see & hear Devon Murray, Ellie Darcey-Alden, Scarlett Byrne, Amber Benson, and the LBD cast in person
*Checking out all the cool HP merchandise
*Getting inspired re: some of my own creative pursuits
*Getting to be geeky for four days straight

So yeah. Overall? Good. :)

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