Friday, June 7, 2019

Favorite TV Shows:June, 2019 Edition

 Favorite TV Shows: June, 2019 Edition 

Welp. My days of watching traditional TV are just about over. Whether I'm watching something on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Youtube, it's usually being viewed on my computer or iPod rather than a television. And while I still revisit old favorites every now and then, a lot of what I watch these days isn't exactly a "TV show" in the traditional sense. 

And so, with my changing viewing habits comes the changing of the format of this annual post... again.

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Shows I've Recently Enjoyed That Have Produced New Episodes In The Past Year:

 Jeopardy (Syndicated)

We Bare Bears (Cartoon Network)

Call The Midwife (PBS)

The 100 Baby Sims Challenge (Youtube/Buzzfeed)

Be Kind Rewind (Youtube)

Rick Steves' Europe (PBS)

Shows I've Recently Enjoyed That Have NOT Produced New Episodes In The Past Year:

Parks & Recreation (All seasons)

Reign (Revisited S1)

Lois & Clark (Revisited S2)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (All)

Quantum Leap (Revisited S1)

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (Misc. episodes)

Guilty Pleasures I Like To Watch On Cable When I'm Housesitting:

Shows involving antiques, ie Flea Market Flip & Salvage Dawgs

Shows involving house renovations, ie Good Bones & Love It Or List It

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Misc. Other Things I've Consumed:

Be Good And Rewatch It - 1995's Pride & Prejudice (Waypoint Podcast)

Honest Trailers (Youtube)

How It Should Have Ended (Youtube)

Vids By Lindsay Ellis (Youtube)

On My "To-Watch" List:

Continue watching the most recent season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Anne With An E, series 2

The Pretender (Series revisit)

Road To Avonlea (Series revisit)

Ru Paul's Drag Show

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