Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Victorian Child's Scrapbook

Recently we've been going through all the nooks and closets at my grandma's house, discovering a plethora of items ranging from creepy to intriguing to incredible. 

In a closet under the stairs -- yes, my dear relatives, there is a CLOSET UNDER THE BASEMENT STAIRS AT GRANDMA'S HOUSE; you have to crawl under the workbench to get to it -- we found a gigantic antique fishing net, a hideous half-upholstered pink chair, a rather impressive rock collection, and a myriad of photos and albums, including three scrapbook albums put together by (apparently) my great-grandfather, who was born in 1890.

So here's one of them. Someday I'll post the others. Because they're too amazing not to share. Oh, sure, Victorian ephemera isn't everyone's cup of tea... but if it's yours? Well, enjoy, won't you?

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