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An 1890s Autograph Album

From Wikipedia:

"An autograph book is a book for collecting the autographs of others. Traditionally they were exchanged among friends, colleagues, and classmates to fill with poems, drawings, personal messages, small pieces of verse, and other mementos. They were popular among university students from the 15th century until the mid-19th century, after which their popularity began to wane as they were gradually replaced by yearbooks."

Below you'll find an autograph book once owned by young woman named Millie, from Lake Park, Minnesota. This is from my collection.

Lake Park, Minn.
Jan 18, 1892

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the fruits.

Your friend,
Alpha Carlsen

Dear Cousin,

When the golden sun is setting
And your mind from care is free
When of others you are thinking
Won't you sometimes think of me

Your Cousin,
Caroline Laite

Lake Park  June 15th/90

Lake Park  
October 18th, 1890

Do not this effort criticize
Never view it with contempt
I was compelled by beautious eyes
So mark the rash attempt
-B. O. Bergersen

 Dear Millie--

I only ask this
little spot to
write those words

Your friend, 
Annie Danielson

December 4, 1890

Always be a good girl
and you will grow up
to be a good woman.

Your friend,
B. Stillwell

Lake Park, Minn. 1/17/93

"Lives of great men remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time."

Charlotte H. Herschell

Lake Park, Minn.
March 14, 1892

Dear Friend Millie --

Remember me when over this
Troublesome world I stray,
Remember me and I will remember
You till my grave is wet with dew

Your dear friend and school-mate,

Lettie Martinson

March 15, 1892
Honor thy father and thy mother.

Your friend, 
Ella E. Hoigley
Lake Park, Dec. 2 '90


Lake Park, Minn.
March 14, 1892

Dear Millie:

"I must every day
Be sure that all I say
Is pure and true."

Your friend and school-mate,
Minnie Otillie Martinson

Lake Park, Minn.
Jan. 21, 93

Dear Friend,

When distant hills divide
us and I no longer see
remember it was Clara
that wrote these lines to thee

Friend Clara B.

Trip light over trouble
Tread light over wrong
It will only make it double
If grieving over it long

Your friend,
Minnie Olson

September 14, 1891-

To My Niece:

"Good character is property
It is the noblest of all possessions
Reputation is what man and woman
think of us; character is what God
and the angels know of us."

Your loving Aunt,

Dear Friend:

Last in your album,
Last in your thoughts,
Last to be remembered,
And first to be forgot.
Your friend + schoolmate

Ella May Kelley
Lake Park Minn. 
Dec. 8th 1890

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