Thursday, February 4, 2016

Better Be British

"Do you watch Downton Abbey?"

...I seem to get regularly asked this.

My standard response: "Not since season three." (Or, more accurately, "not since bloody season stupid 'murdering Matthew' three, thanks.)

This is often followed by ME asking THEM, "...but have you seen Call The Midwife?"

"Call the what?"

"MIDWIFE," I say, looking nervously around at the other restaurant patrons.


"M-i-d-w-i-f-e. Call The Midwife. It's another British show on PBS, and it's much better than Downton."

This is inevitably followed by looks of bewilderment, promises to "Google it," and then either a change of topic or a remark about how it's too bad I don't watch Downton anymore, because that Mr. Bates is being accused of murder again, and shit is getting REAL.

I'm thinking of having some cards printed up that I can hand to people in these situations, explaining that this OTHER British period drama, which I happen to like better, is currently available on Netflix instant, and that there's still time to calmly watch all four seasons (they're short) before the April 3rd 5th season/series premiere on PBS.

Because that's what I'm doing, and I'm rather enjoying it! About Call The Midwife

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