Monday, November 10, 2014

Riding In The Car With My Mother

Me: Hey, should we open the moon roof?

Her: Moon roof?

Me: You know, like, the sun roof. Except it's nighttime, so it's a moon roof.

Her: No! Then I'll be cold!

Me: I just meant the slidey part, not the actual glass part.

Her: I guess.

Me: (After opening the slidey part.) Hmmm. Maybe I should just close it. You can't even see anything out that window. Not even the moon. Besides, if there's a hitchhiker* riding on the top of our car trying to scratch his way in, he'd get in sooner that way.

Her: Plus we'd be able to see him scratching, and that'd be really annoying.

*with a hook for a hand, of course.

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