Monday, September 3, 2012

Useless Bits Of Trivia

Tomorrow is the first day of school. It's also my birthday. I dread the early rising, the screeching alarm clock, the dragging-of-self-to-work-to-face-the-children routine. I mean, I like the children... but honestly... what a lame birthday present!

So I was thinking... this has happened before. I mean, school always almost starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. And with 32 years under my belt, the 4th is bound to have to have fallen on said Tuesday a half-dozen times before. But when?

Thanks to Windows' calendar, I've figured it out:

The last time my birthday fell on the first day of school, in which I had to get up and go to that school? 

'Twas The year of our Lord 1990.

Awkward childhood picture time!

This is me in 1990. I look like such a little drip in this photo, I can't even... and oy, my hair. This was taken around Halloween but I got the haircut over the summer so you can imagine how short it was on the first day of school. I hated that haircut. I looked like a boy and other people thought I was one. Shortly afterwards I got my ears pierced thinking that might improve the situation, but around that time, a lot of boys were getting their ears pierced too... so in conclusion, 1990 was kind of a major bummer, dude.

But what about all those other birthday Tuesdays?

There was one in 1984, when I was too young for school.

The next one after 1990 was 2001. I was in college, but I went to a school that didn't begin until late September, so on that day I probably slept super-late and made fun of my mom (a teacher) for having to go back to work.

And even though I began teaching in 2003, I somehow managed to avoid the one that came around in 2007, because at that time I was doing a three-month nanny gig, not teaching.

But now we're back. And I get to rise at the crack of dawn and celebrate making it another time around the sun by greeting a couple hundred children and procuring a headache the size of Chile!


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Emily Blair said...

Hope it is a happy day nonetheless!