Monday, September 19, 2011

Chicken ala What The--?

Since early in my pet-owning days, I've had bizarre dreams about the animals I care for.  (Yes, I'm going to talk about my dreams today. You've been warned.)

FISH - I've had fish off and on since I was ten. Goldfish, Betta and Catfish, mostly.  Throughout the years, I've had this recurring nightmare (even when fish aren't a part of my family) where I have a fish in a tank or bowl or whatever, and the fishie keeps trying to jump out.  And I'm trying to physically stop it from leaping to its certain death. Either that or I'm trying to grab the fish while it's flopping around on the table and throw it back in. I'm terrified that the fish will die on my watch, and oftentimes I spend a lengthy amount of time trying to keep the fish in the bowl. Very frustrating, that one is.

DOGS - I have never owned a dog, but ever since I started dogsitting a few years ago, I've had this dream where I'm supposed to dogsit, but for whatever reason there's been a miscommunication, and I've not arrived at the house when I'm supposed to and the dog has been alone for days and I feel terrible.  That's it. Pretty simple, I guess. I hate to think how this dream is going to develop if/when I actually do have my own dog someday.  Uhhhh let's not think about that.

CATS - I don't really have cat dreams very often, which is a bit odd considering we've had at least one cat in my family since I was eight years old. Occasionally I've had dreams where a cat escapes and I can't find it. Now we have three cats. That said, ever since we got the third one, I've had this recurring nightmare in which I'm trying to corral all three of them in an emergency, and it's just physically impossible to hold them all.  I usually wake up from this one feeling pretty cranky.

I see a theme with all these dreams. Keeping the fish in the water, making sure the dog is being looked after, and trying to rescue the cats -- all of these dreams involve keeping the animal alive. Perfectly normal, right?

So somebody please explain to me what is up with my dreams about the chickens.

CHICKENS - Whenever I dream about my chickens, I dream that they have multiplied. Reproduced. Spawned. But not necessarily with more chickens. No, sometimes I'll go outside and find that my three little hens have been joined by two hens from a neighboring home... and a duck.  Like, these other birds will be sitting in the coop with the chickens, looking at me like, "Wassup?"  And I'm supposed to deal with it.  One night I dreamed that my chickens had spawned GUINEA PIGS, and I was running around trying to find cages big enough for all my new family members.

And then there was last night.

Last night's dream involved me going out to the coop to see that my three chickens...

... had been joined by a dog...

...a pelican...

... and, for good measure, a baby penguin.

Naturally, I ran for my camera and started snapping pictures of the adorableness.

Even my subconscious seems to know it is weird, because my very next dream involved me explaining THAT dream to a group people and laughing about how silly it is that I have these spawning dreams all the time.  How meta of me.

Well, that's all. Now that I've opened this (scary) window into my psyche, I hope you don't trip over your shoelaces as you run for the door.


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