Monday, September 5, 2016

State Of A-Fairs

The Oregon State Fair bridges the gap between those lazy, sweltering August days and the crisp, chilly September ones. Over the past decade, it has become one of the yearly events I most look forward to. (Others being pumpkin patch visits in October and holiday bazaar excursions in November-December. Yes, I lead a thrilling life.) 

Most years, I go to the Fair with a friend. Sometimes I'll go twice during the season. I've been trying to remember who I've gone with in recent years. Looking back at photos, it looks like it was: 

2015 - Esther (friend)
2014 - Miriam (cousinette)
2013 - Esther / Mom (2 visits)
2012 - Esther
2011 - Lexi (my "little sister") / Stephen (friend) (2 visits)
2010 - Lexi
2009 - GG (friend) & Family 
2008 - GG & Family
2007 - Didn't go?
2006 - Mom, Amy & + Storey Family (relatives)

This year, I went completely solo.

 Wednesday, August 31: My main reason for going that day was to see the Jeremy Camp / MercyMe concert in the evening.

Fairgoing isn't always cheap, but I managed to spend a grand total of $21. 

Amazing, right? $5 for parking, $8 admission, $3.50 for root beer, $3.50 for a pretzel, and $1.00 in petting zoo-animal food.

Man, I love those animals.

I spent about an hour in the art gallery. No photos allowed in there. I understand, but it's annoying. There was a whole section with calligraphy projects from David Douglas students. I recognized two of my former students' names & work. I had them back in Kindergarten & second grade. One, I believe, just graduated. (Excuse me while I go feel old.)

In the Creative Living building, there was a pretty good showing of LEGO creations, mostly by kids. 

This was my favorite setup...

Out on the fairgrounds, I wanted some good fair food, but I kept running into the same three options:

1. Meat
2. Fried
3. Oddly Expensive

Which is why I finally just bought a pretzel. 

I checked out the rides, but didn't go on any...

I'm not sure what I think about temporary (read: collapsible) roller coasters.

Yeah, sure it is.

At 6:00, I walked toward the concert area. One of the radio stations had a prize wheel just outside the venue. I spun it and won myself a singular piece of candy! Then I went to find a seat. Fairgoers can sit in general seating for free. If you want to sit up close, you have to buy a special ticket.

I did not buy a special ticket, but I got to sit in the 9th row anyway, thanks to a nice lady who had an extra ticket! She just walked up to me and asked if I wanted it. Sweet!

And the concert--

was amazing!!

At its conclusion (sadface) I walked around the fair a bit more...

And finally, after a great afternoon and evening, with my heart full and happy, I headed for home.

Say, who wants to go to the Fair with me next year?

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