Monday, December 21, 2015

30 Days Of Retro Toys - Day 28 - Fisher-Price Toy Circus

Day 28:
Fisher-Price Toy Circus

(Sears catalog, 1964)

I like how the camel and the tiger (lower right) look like they're having a personal, semi-snarky conversation while the circus rages behind them.

Tiger: "Ughhh. This is such crap. I am so much better than this."

Camel: "I know. I feel like a fool standing here on a 2-foot-high block while that show-off elephant gets to be on the top of the tower. And I'm sure we'll have to hear about how great she is later. Oh brother. Listen to those people clapping."

Tiger: "Fools. Sheep. Imbeciles. ENOUGH! I say we blow this joint. Tonight!"

Camel: "But our cages! How!?"

Tiger: "THINK, Camel! Look how far-spaced the bars are! Look how practically two-dimensional WE are! Have you ever even ATTEMPTED an escape?"

Camel: "It never occurred to me. If I did escape tonight... would you go with me?"

Tiger: *licks lips* "Oh yeah. Totally with you!"

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