Saturday, June 27, 2015

World Peace & Syrup Of Figs!

Ninety-seven years ago, world peace was declared.

Yeah, yeah, THAT was short-lived. But people were happy for a little while!

"Mad with joy!" The Yanks went "Plum Crazy!" WELL, I WOULD, TOO!

Army calls canceled! Heck yeah! P.S. Does anyone know how I can get the Red Cross blood donor people to stop calling me? :-/

So, what else was happening on November 11, 1918 in Oregon?

Influenza was ravaging nearby towns, and Yale models were absconding with...


A well known lady ("Mrs. E. H. Boots," possibly a cat animagus) did something daring...

Across town, hijinks were occurring...

Meanwhile, this guy was trying to make his new catchphrase go viral....

Only 90something years too early for Twitter, dude.

Then there was this lady....

Bitro phosphate. Hmm. Just Googled it. Google asks: "Do you mean nitro phosphate?" I DON'T KNOW

Serathol (now only found in museums, I kid not) was recommended for gastritis. 

"Dr. King's mysterious medicine" wanted to make sure you said nope to dope...iness.

And lest we forget the younguns when it comes to health matters... Here you are, kids! Syrup of figs! Come and get it!

But wait! Were Dr. Williams' Pink Pills better than Dr. King's New Discovery? 

Well, who knows. But what's important is, YOUR BODY TYPE IS WRONG AND YOU SHOULD CHANGE IT.

Bitro phosphate. Because weight is great.

If you can't change your body, why, then chew some gravely tobacco!


In 1918, Gluten-free and sugar-free foods were becoming a thing -- but not for health reasons (I'm not sure anything was really about "health" back then, my goodness.)

In other news, telegraph operators didn't realize how little time they had left. :( 
(Be not dismayed, fellas! Your great-grandchildren will one day work at the Apple Store!)

Speaking of communications, Hands-free phones were making their debut. Check it out!

C.F. Corgan is talking to his mom on the telephone WHILE playing Farmville!

In 1918, oranges were a big deal.

And you could get an 8-room house with a garage, a chicken coop, and a cherry orchard for $2500.

Insert "I really need to build a time machine!" joke... 


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