Monday, December 22, 2014

Lego Projects: "Gingerbread House 2.0" (2013)

A year after I built the first version of the Gingerbread House, I was given the chance to share it in a display window at the Washington Square (Oregon) Lego Store. This happened in December, 2013; a good time for Gingerbread Houses. Unfortunately, the house was too small to really fill the display case, so I had to widen the landscape. Then I made a few alterations. 

For comparison, here is the original GB House....

And here is the expanded version, most affectionately known as Gingerbread House 2.0...

The snowy hedge border is new, as is the dog house, the arched gateway, and a lot of the candy. And Mr. Gingerbread Man is new, too... that minifig didn't even exist in 2012.

For more photos, visit my flickr album.

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