Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oregon Zoo In Summer (Part 1)

Summer has come to an end -- and so has my first full year of photographing animals at the Oregon Zoo!

Summertime, I discovered, is a great time for taking pictures. Nearly all the Zoo's animals are out & active, if you're fortunate enough to be there at the right time. (Turns out the leopards, who sleep most of the day, are cute and spunky first thing in the morning. Who knew?)

well, i've just had my morning coffee, you see...

I spent many hours watching the black bears....

Some animals may act differently in the summer, but most animals at the Zoo don't really look different. Save for the Mountain Goat...

All summer long he rubs against trees and rocks and slowly but surely removes his wooly coat.

And ends up looking really weird.

Summer is also a great time to see gorgeous flowers... yes, at the zoo. The Oregon Zoo has some amazing varieties of flowers on its grounds, and (duh) they change with the seasons, so I see different things each time I visit. Here are a few of my favorite foliage photos....

Another reason summer's great -- the water in the exhibits is clear and vibrant, meaning you can get great photos of giraffe's reflections:

Or giraffe's... non-reflections....


And then there are the hippos. I know of few other animals that seem so extra happy and content in the summertime. I guess it makes sense; hippos naturally come from warmer climates. Still, these are some peaceful-looking hippos indeed.

Oh wait, I think I found an even happier animal--


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