Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pyrus Pyrifolia (Asian Pear!)

It's been four years since my venture into mango territory, and I decided it was time to experiment with a new fruit. Since the grocery store didn't have any kumquats (where do you buy those, anyway?), I had to settle for something else. And when I saw these cute orange little things wearing tiny grandma hairnets, I just knew I had to have one!

Meet the Asian Pear (code name: Pyrus Pyrifolia)!

Wikipedia explained the hairnets: they're there because Asian Pears bruise easily (aw, don't we all?) Bruiseable as they may be, Asian Pears are actually tougher (less mushy) than your typical pear, and you don't have to wait for them to ripen, because if they're sitting in your grocery store, they are supposed to already be ripe. And brown spots? Bad news; it means the A.P. is getting over-ripe.

All right, little pear. Let's do this.

I already like this thing better than a mango because it has tiny seeds instead of a giant rock in its center. The internet says eating the skin is optional. I'll go for it. (Yes, I washed the pear first.)

Interesting flavor. My tastebuds are telling me "pumpkin," actually, but yes, there is a hint of traditional pear flavor there. The fruit has the textural consistency of a non-quite-yet-ripe regular pear. Crunchy. But juicy.

I approve of the Asian Pear.

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