Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life In Plastic, Not Fantastic

On Saturday I wrapped production on anneofgreenbrickgables.blogspot.com. At last. Seven months, hundreds of photos, and thirty-eight chapters -- complete.

I'm happy this project has been put to bed, but I was actually feeling pretty emotional while compiling the last two chapters. Partly because the project was ending... aaaand partly because, in the second-to-last chapter, Matthew dies. I've watched him die in movies, experienced it in the half-dozen times I've read the book, and let's face it, this guy has been a goner since the author first put pen to paper back in nineteen-oh-something.

But somehow it just didn't sit well with me this time. I kept having to tell myself, He's just a minifig. Minifigs can't really die.

I told myself this as I assembled Matthew's headstone out of gray Lego and positioned Anne in front of it, looking weepy.


R.I.P. Matthew Cuthbert Minifig
I Will Never Forget

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