Thursday, July 16, 2009

The BPP, Part 3

I'm back with more updates. I am about to go out and work on the project some more, cuz I bought wood and other supplies at Home Depot and am rarin' to go. (Is rarin' really a word? And what exactly does it mean? Nevermind.) SO YEAH, I was at Home Depot and I wasn't sure if I should buy carriage bolts or lag screws because hell if I know the difference, so I pushed one of those "Help" buttons, and a few minutes later this short middle-aged woman with an orange apron showed up. She handed me some lag screws and asked if I knew what a such-and-such tool was, something you need for installing said screws. The tool name sounded familiar. I was like, "well, I have a drill...?" She shook her head. "Do you have a dad or boyfriend helping you on this project?" she asked, loud enough for everyone in the aisle to hear.


On one hand I suppose I should've felt insulted. Or the feminist tiger in me should've come rawwwring (rarin'?) out with some reply, such as: "I don't need no MAN, dawg!" And I guess I did feel insulted, a little. I mean sure, I'm not going to win any carpentry awards, but I'm not a total woodsey newb, either. I just don't know the names of all the tools yet! What of it? But no... mostly I felt sad. Because I WOULD like to have a dad or a boyfriend to help me with the project.* But I do not.

The Home Depot lady made me feel sad!


But I'll get past it. Here are the latest pictures...

Fireman pole that wobbles a bit (gotta fix that.)

Slat railings on the upper deck.

A ladder with -- as I discovered last night -- slightly crooked rungs.

Hey, like I said, I'm no carpentry expert. DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT?

*You know, so I have somebody to go fetch me my root beer.


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Molly! Well, I'm nobody's pop and only count as a friend who is a boy, but if I ever make it out that way for a visit to the Enchanted Forest I promise to fetch your root beer for an evening. I think I'm too fragile for the woodwork, though -- considering that I manage to tear my fingers open dealing with action figures, I don't even want to think about the injuries (and splinters!) I'd suffer working on the challenging project that is your backyard masterpiece.

As far as "rarin'" goes, it's an accented pronunciation of "rearing," which is apparently an idiom that refers to how horses and some other animals rear up on their hind legs before galloping off in a mad dash. :)

Anonymous said...

stupid home depot lady. :( at least you don't WORK at home depot. i don't know why working at home depot would matter, actually, but it SOUNDS like it could be an insult. maybe... okay not really.

it looks great!

molly said...

@Wes - Well, I should've known it'd have something to do with horses. Yes, come to Oregon! But you must come March - September because the Enchanted Forest is closed in the other months :(

@Jenn - Welll, I wouldn't really mind working there, because employee discounts and all... and I love the smell of lumber. Yes.