Tuesday, July 29, 2008

French Class

So I thought I should learn some French, or at least attempt. Not that I'm going to France anytime soon, if ever. More like because second-language skills are good to have, and besides, I'll be stopping over in Quebec next week and I want to be ready for Frenchness. My mom says there'll be people at the airport who speak English, but I'm not taking any chances! Unfortunately, even after completing several lessons in my new, spiffy learn-to-speak-French software, I haven't learned much that would help me in an airport situation. I can say "the man is swimming," but I have yet to learn "Where's the restroom, yo?" And here I thought "restroom" (or the equivalent of) was supposed to be one of the first things they teach you. In high school Spanish class, we knew el baño well, and a decade later, I still remember el baño, and
if I ever find myself in a Spanish-speaking country, I'll be prepared.

I took two years of Spanish in high school. Took three terms of American Sign Language in college. Then I went through a phase when I decided learning Gaelic would be the thing to do. That one never went anywhere, big surprise. Maybe I needed some learn-to-speak Gaelic software. Throw in German, Italian, and maybe some Ancient Greek, and I could be the most well-rounded person ever.

I think I'll take my time though. Small steps. Next goal: learn to say restroom en Français!

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