Monday, September 10, 2007

Goodbye, Aunt Polly

So, in sad news... Jane Wyman died today. 

Last week, I brought my DVD of Pollyanna to watch here in Seattle; I watched it over three evenings last week, and had planned to finish it tonight. During one of the scenes Jane Wyman shares with Karl Malden, I was thinking about how Karl Malden is really old and how I've expected him to kick it for years, but he keeps hanging on. Then I started thinking about how Jane Wyman must be really old now, too, if she was already middle-aged in 1960, when that movie came out. I don't know why I can't watch Pollyanna without thinking about how 90% of the actors in it are now dead. I think the only ones still around, besides Karl, are Hayley Mills, the boy who played Jimmy Bean, and the woman who played Nancy the maid. (Okay, I had to imdb this info. George and Angelica are still alive, too. Good times.) I should just enjoy the movie, but that fact haunts me almost every time.

And then Aunt Polly has to go and die just a few days after I've been morbidly pondering her surprising longevity.

In conclusion, I killed her. With my thoughts.

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