Thursday, September 2, 2010

If You Build It... (aka Lego Projects: "Made In Oregon" (2010))

I built a Lego thing for the state fair.  I called it "Made In Oregon."  AND IT WON THIRD PLACE!

Well, it won third place in the "Original design, LEGO bricks only - adults - over 5 years experience" Lego category.  There are about eight categories, I should mention that.  It wasn't, like, the third best Lego design of ALL or anything.

Okay, it was.  Actually it was the ultimate awesomest for realz!

Listen to me, acting like a proud beauty pageant mommy!

The thing was, that was not easy to build!  I have ultimate respect for Lego builders, now, because wow... I mean, Lego bricks are great, but if you press too hard, your whole structure can go kablooey in a hurry, and then you have to start all over and... yeah, it's totally an exercise in patience.  This took me more than a week to build.

More photos...

Also, two of my scrapbook pages won ribbons!  This was my first year entering anything in the fair.  (I almost did last year, but then the date for delivering your entries coincided with my trip to Nebraska, so it didn't happen.)

My Little Sister and I are already talking about what we will make to enter next year.  Decorated cakes, perhaps, because with cakes you can eat your mistakes!  (Okay, what is UP with me and the dorky rhyming?)

The Oregon State Fair runs through September 6th!

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