Friday, November 30, 2012

Brick Critique: My First Lego Princess

My First Lego Princess
But will it be your last?

This set has 88 pieces and costs $9.99

Look at all the cool things it comes with!

Ah, and here you are, Princess. Lovely golden hair, a beautiful dress, a carrot for supper...
Wait, I think the carrot's actually for the horse. Hope you're good at foraging for mushrooms, m'lady, because it's either that or starvation!

Oh hey, but look! A mighty pink fortress, suitable for dwelling in and protecting yourself from marauding forces! 

Well, it would be, if it had, you know, a back side.

Feeling a bit lonely? Wondering why you have no servants or family? Well, you're in luck -- you get a pony! And a cute little carriage to sit in while you're transported around the kingdom to meet your imaginary subjects!

Plus it has a lovely blue gemstone on the back, so it'll be a temping target for highway robbers look oh so pretty.

Heaven knows all work and no play makes for a very dull pony, so your friendly equine pal does get some toys, such as this fence to jump over!

And this other fence!

To... also jump over!

After a long day, both Princess and Pony can take a breather at the grooming station.
 Comb that hair! Shine those shoes -- er, hooves! Gotta look your best for... apparently, no one.

Dwelling, riding, leaping, grooming -- what else could a princess do with her time?

Well, we're not actually sure, so here's a pile of bricks.

 Note the random pair of black legs, juxtaposed with the large bits of gold. What could be the meaning of that? And why does this princess have so much treasure, yet such a pathetically inadequate place to house it? 

And why...

is this...


I don't know. I give up.

Overall: About right for the price, considering the somewhat rarer pieces -- the aqua bricks, the gold pieces, the gemstone, the princess's outfit, and the white and brown horse. And Ages 4-7 sounds about right, too. Young enough to appreciate it without realizing it's all a bit ridiculous.


Emily Blair said...

That pair of black legs makes me laugh.

molly said...

I know, right? I imagine they're for the princess to wear if she should want to ride her horse, but the pile o'bricks just makes me think the people who designed the box got lazy. PILE OF RANDOM STUFF. Ookay!