Monday, December 19, 2011

Places I've Never Been

Just about everyone I know has been to Europe or Africa or Asia or South America.

I have yet to leave North America.

And, in fact, I haven't even set foot in New England. Or New York City. Or our nation's capital.

But I hope to remedy that someday. Or maybe next summer.

So here it is: a list of places I want to visit. Not all at once, of course. But someday. And as I visit them, I will come back here and cross them off. Or put a :) next to them. We'll see.

You may think some of these places are strange choices. You may also think a few places are missing from this list. Feel free to make suggestions. But this is what I have so far:

Places I Want To Go/Places I've Never Been

Tivoli Gardens and Legoland in Denmark

Disneyland Paris in France

England: London and surrounding towns, Hadrian's Wall, Sherwood Forest (uh, sensing a theme?), places of my ancestors' birth (Shelton, Exeter, Taunton, Chesham, Brushford, Shalford, Essex, Giggleswick, Hatton), and the WB Studios.

(ETA 12/26/13: Also locations from Pride & Prejudice)



San Diego Zoo

Massachusetts: Boston (10/2015, 6/2018), Concord, Walden Pond

New York City: Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Niagara Falls

Washington D.C. (10/2015)

Connecticut (10/2015)


New Hampshire

Nova Scotia (6/2018)

New Brunswick

Amsterdam: especially the Anne Frank house

Gibraltar (Saw the Rock - 9/2015)


Salzburg, Austria

Venice, Italy (9/2015)

ETA 12/26/13:

Florida - Harry Potter land, Beauty and the Beast attractions at Disney World, EPCOT, Legoland



Panama Canal

ETA 10/11/15:

Rome, Italy

Florence, Italy

Munich and Berlin, Germany

ETA 1/21/19:

Tyrone, Ireland

Östergötland County, Sweden

Plymouth, UK

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